The LDS Music Webring
This is a webring for sites that contain LDS Music.
Here is the criteria for this ring:
1.  Must be an LDS site
2.  Must contain LDS Music and have some sort of feature on it.  It can be any kind of music from Hymns to Primary songs to contemporary music.
        When I say "feature" I mean one or all of the following:
            a.  LDS midi files for the user to enjoy/download.
            b.  May have the theme of the page as LDS music
            c.  May have sheet music to download/view.
            e.  May have pages of lyrics to LDS music
 **just a footnote, it would be nice if there was some kind of music playing on the page.
3. May not contain any Anti-mormon content.
4. May not have any pornography on the site or any links to pornography.
5. If after joining you decide to put either anti-mormon or pornography on the site I would appreciate it if you voluntarily removed yourself from the ring.  Otherwise once I find out I'll remove you.

*****PLEASE NOTE!  If you are looking for a webring that is just LDS and not necessarily music related this really isn't the webring to look into.  This webring is for LDS music.  If you don't have some type of LDS music on your page as indicated above I can't add you to this ring.  I'll just have to leave you sitting in the queue until you can have something that is LDS music related.******

If you wish to join this webring you must first submit your site by  clicking the moving clef :

After you fill out this form return to this page and continue to step two.
The next step is very simple.  You wait to receive your information and number in your e-mail or if you wrote it down you can continue to step three.
Step three is important.  You must copy the following html fragment and paste it into your document source.
<!-----------------begin LDS Music web ring html fragment------------>
<BR>&nbsp;<CENTER><TABLE BORDER=10 COLS=2 WIDTH="80%" HEIGHT="150" ><TR ALIGN=CENTER><TD><A HREF=""><IMG SRC="ldsmlogo.jpg" HEIGHT=163 WIDTH=224></A></TD><TD>This <A HREF="">LDSMusic</A> site owned by <A HREF="mailto:--mail--">--name--</A>.&nbsp;<P>[ <A HREF=";id=--id--;prev5">Previous5 Sites</A> | <A HREF=";id=--id--;sprev">Skip
Previous</A> | <A HREF=";id=--id--;prev">Previous</A>
| <A HREF=";id=--id--;next">Next</A>
| <A HREF=";id=--id--;skip">Skip
Next</A> | <A HREF=";id=--id--;next5">Next5 Sites</A> | <A HREF=";random">RandomSite</A> | <A HREF=";list">ListSites</A> ]</TD></TR></TABLE></CENTER>&nbsp;<CENTER>&nbsp;</CENTER>
<!-------------------------End LDS music webring html fragment------------>
Step four:
Replace within the fragment in your html source as follows:
--id-- with your id number given  (its listed several times and this is crucial for the operation of the ring) **if you only have a single didget number you DON'T need to insert a zero first

--mail-- with your e-mail address. Make certain its case correct as well as complete so they can e-mail you.

--name-- with your name

*make certain you remove the "--" as well

Step five:
You must copy the following graphic then upload it to the same folder your page is. This version is about 17k.
There is another version of the graphic that is about 9k.  If you wish to use this graphic you first need to copy it.  Then you need to edit the html towards the top where it says "ldsmlogo.jpg".  You must change it to say "ldslogo.jpg"  In other words remove the m.
Special thanks to Sheryl Bagwell for making both images for the LDS music webring.
It may sound complicated but this is broken down into small steps for the amateur.  Most already know all about webrings and don't need all this info but at any rate its here so all can join.  After you have done all of the previous steps it would be good to notify the web ring owner (me) by clicking here.

If you need to edit your site info, then click here.  To begin to visit other sites in the ring click here.

***Important!  Please make note of this.. where you place your webring is important. I know many sites have more than music on them so I must request that you put this webring on the site that you submitted.  You have another option.  Some have specific pages for all their webrings.  You must indicate somewhere on your music page that if they came there through a webring to click in a specific spot to go to your webring page.***

Any problems please e-mail me by clicking here.
Thanks and have fun!

You are visitor number  to think about joining this web ring.  Please spread the word to make this ring as big as possible.