Mary and Martha
Mary and Martha were two very strong women and greatly loved by Jesus.  This is why I picked this name for my E-mail list.

There are many e-mail lists for members of the LDS church.  There are also many e-mail lists for women who are in or have been in abusive relationships.  However, there was not one single list that provided support for LDS women who are currently in, or who have been in abusive relationships.  For this reason, I wanted to create one.

 "This is a list for LDS women who have experiences, or are currently
 experiencing spousal abuse in some form. It can be
 emotional, physical, sexual, or psychological.

 If you are fearful of the possibility of your spouse reading
 messages from this list, or finding out you are on such a
 list you are encouraged you to get a private, and free
 e-mail account separate and apart from the one you and
 your spouse have access to.

 The purpose of this list is to help sisters in these situations
 to feel they are not alone. Hopefully there will be
 occasional posts with official information from different
 members on the list from time to time to keep us focused.

 I have found a scripture that I feel inspired should be the
 theme of this list.

 **Ether 12:27

 And if men come unto me I will show unto them their
 weakness. I give unto men weakness that they may be
 humble; and my grace is sufficient for all men that
 humble themselves before me; for if they humble
 themselves before me and have faith in me, then will I
 make weak things become strong unto them.**

 I feel this scripture states that our weakness, being trial of
 living in an abusive situation, is given to us to make us
 strong. I feel we can strengthen each other by coming
 together and offering support in this way. It is my humble
 wish that we can all become stronger because of our
 situations and with the help of each other are able to
 continue in strength.

 With all that behind us.. the basic guidelines are:

 1. please start off with an introduction and the
 background of your circumstances. It doesn't have to be
 right away. You can lurk for a bit (after you are added of
 corse) and decide if this is something for you. Once you
 decide to stay please introduce yourself. I encourage you
 to keep a copy of every introduction you receive to help
 you get to know all on the list. This will also help us get to
 know you.

 2. This is not a list where flaming can be tolerated under
 any circumstances. The reason being many have such
 fragile spirits already that they can't take any flames. I
 must remain firm on this. What constitutes as a flame is
 as follows.

 A. Name Calling

 B. Deliberate attempts to demean the other

 C. Accusations or public (meaning to all on list)
 slaughtering of the other that have no basis for fact.

 I'm hoping that We will never have to worry about any of
 the above. This is why I'm not being any more specific.
 Its highly possible that someone will have had a bad day
 and miss-interpret the words of another.

 3. No forwarding the messages you receive to any other
 list. The reason for this is there is a possibility that the
 privacy of the members of this list can be violated and
 messages can be returned to them from members not on
 this list.

 4. No badgering the person to leave their situation. The
 purpose of this list is to help the woman empower herself
 and make the decision to leave or stay on her own. If she
 asks our opinion we give it and let her make the decision
 based upon prayer.

 It's my sincere hope that this list will be only helpful and
 spiritual, and a support to all on it.


 Mary Brownell "

If you are interested in being on this list, please contact me by clicking on my name.  I will send you more info.  When sending me a request for info, please include a brief discription of your circumstances.  I ask this because privacy on this list is my top priority and I want to take every precaution to avoiding vengeful husbands/boyfriends from comming onto the list under false pretenses.  I hope you all understand this .

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