Shining Example Award


After receiving multiple submissions for the Love is spoken here award, I realized that all these sites are an example to what sites should be like on the internet. Featuring one page monthly is the way that the "Love is Spoken Here" award is being done. However, I wanted to create an award that I could give out to sites that weren't nominated in that particular month. This in no way is a lesser award. In fact, the sites that are submitted are kept into a file and I go through all the sites monthly. Meantime, the sites not yet selected deserve some special attention also. The shining example award will meet the following Criteria:

1. No Pornography of any kind on the site. No suggestive language or suggestive pictures.

2. No anti anything. No anti religion, race, animals, anything.

3. Shows as an example for the internet. Sets an example to all sites as to ways that pages should bring posetive influence to our lives.

4. Brings peace to your heart and happiness to you as you go through the site.

To apply for this award just e-mail me and I will check out your site and send you the award and the music you hear on this page. The music you hear is "Shine On" from the primary childrens Songbook. If you are interested in applying for the "Love is Spoken Here" award then please click here for the criteria for that award.

To avoid stealing this award I have a list of all who won this award from the link below.



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